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Protecting a facility from ants can be difficult, time consuming and costly. Grunt Pest Management pest prevention experts have developed a specialized program to combat and eliminate ant problems, even in sensitive environments. Including both interior and exterior programs, Grunt® Pest Management Ant Program is one of the industry’s most effective and efficient.


Targeting the Appropriate Pest

Ant species vary widely and each has unique biology that is important to understanding behavior and implementing prevention measures. Grunt Pest® Ant Program utilizes an array of species-specific protocols, proven by extensive field testing to target and eliminate ants.


Grunt Pest Management

Constructed with ant biology in mind, Grunt® Pest Management preferred Ant Station features several compartments that cater to different ant species, as well as other pests such as cockroaches and slugs. Versatile enough to be used anywhere ants are an issue; the station is attractive, virtually waterproof and surpasses the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s safety standards.


In North America, there are numerous common ant species that have become pest ants for commercial facilities. Among them are Argentine ants, odorous house ants, pavement ants, small honey ants, crazy ants, fire ants, white-footed ants, and ghost ants. Fire ants are stinging ants that can be dangerous to humans and animals. Still other species, such as carpenter and Pharaoh ants, can be destructive or disease-carrying pests.


Grunt® Pest Management has implemented innovative methods and specific protocols to combat each of these species of ants. Most common ant species* are covered under Grunt® Pest Management's Pest Prevention Program.  Grunt® Pest Management's ant service includes both interior and exterior treatment, and most importantly, works to find the source of the ant colony to eliminate the problem completely.


Grunt® Pest Management's service for ants begins with inspection and identification. A thorough inspection is key to finding areas where ants are active, as well as identifying any conditions that may be conducive to ant activity. Since every species is unique and requires different elimination measures, identification of any ants is essential to effective service. Grunt® Pest Management Service Specialists are trained to identify common ant species.


Ants have a very socially-developed system of foraging for food and feeding the colony. Grunt® Pest Management takes advantage of this system for elimination purposes by using a combination of baits and non-repellent liquids, dusts and granules to eliminate any active colonies. Our preferred ant bait station provides lasting protection for various forms of ant bait.


Why it Works

Grunt® Pest Management integrated approach to ant prevention is more effective than traditional spraying because it works to eliminate colonies at their source, rather than merely treating visible ants. It is estimated that only 10% of an ant colony is ever above ground at one time. Traditional spraying can also cause budding in some species, which can lead to the development of multiple colonies and more ants.


Fire Ants

Fire ants require an extremely specialized service due to the danger they can present to humans and animals. In addition to the methods used for common species of ants, Grunt® Pest Management uses insect growth regulator-based baits, which work to disrupt the reproductive cycle of the ants. On the exterior, your Service Specialist may also use non-repellent granules to provide long-lasting protection.


Sanitation, Structural and Landscaping Recommendations

As with many pests, the structural soundness, sanitation and landscaping at your facility is key to preventing ants from taking up residence. Your Grunt® Pest Management Service Specialist will perform minor structural repairs as he/she conducts your regular service, but may also give you other storage, structural and landscaping recommendations that will help to eliminate or prevent ant activity at your facility. Your cooperation is a crucial step in ensuring your facility is ant-free.

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