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Grunt® Pest Management's rodent program is an aggressive program aimed at eliminating existing infestations and minimizing the risk of future infestations. Both interior and exterior rodent devices are strategically placed to maintain a protective barrier. All bait stations are tamper resistant, labeled and secured. Baits are secured with a securing rod or on a paving block and a service record card is maintained for each station.


House mice are commensal rodents, meaning they can live and thrive in close proximity to humans. A mouse issue in any facility can be disturbing to employees, customers, guests, patients or residents, and can lead to the destruction of food supplies, equipment, and the building itself.


Significantly larger than mice, the presence of rats is synonymous with poor sanitation and can cause significant damage to your facility and your brand. In North America, the two most common pest rats are the Norway rat and the roof rat, which require different elimination tactics.

Grunt® Pest Management Rodent Service

Begins with a thorough survey of your facility to look for signs of mouse activity, including live or dead rats, gnaw marks, damaged goods, droppings, rub marks and runways. A thorough inspection often requires your Grunt® Pest Management Service Specialist to move product, pallets and equipment, and gain access to ceilings or other void areas. Since rats are most active at night, your Service Specialist may request to perform service at night to observe activity and patterns, as well as to perform elimination procedures.


Grunt® Pest Management utilizes a variety of tools in monitoring for rat activity, including glue boards, snap traps and non-toxic baits. Once your Service Specialist has identified activity or potential areas of activity, he/she will identify the rat species to ensure the correct elimination measures are used, and then take steps to remove the pests. 


Rodent bait stations are strategically placed on the exterior to provide initial lines of defense, helping to prevent rodents from entering your facility. Multiple catch traps, and various other trapping devices, are strategically placed on the interior as needed, or as required by specification.  


Your cooperation is a crucial step in ensuring your facility is rodent-free.

Safety is our Number One Service Fundamental

Because safety is paramount, we use non-toxic bait blocks to monitor for rodent activity. Rodenticides are put in place at the first sign of activity to eliminate rodents. Grunt® Pest Management's preferred bait station is tamper-proof to further ensure the safety of your products and employees.

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