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Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year. In nature, subterranean termites are beneficial because they break down cellulose into usable nutrients. The biomass resulting from this process is recycled to the soil as humus. Subterranean termites are, therefore, considered important to our ecosystem.


Problems occur when termites attack the wooden elements of homes, businesses and warehouses built by humans. The presence of termites is often not readily noticed because their activity is hidden behind wallboards, siding or wood trim. Left unchecked, a termite infestation can quickly inflict costly structural damage to your facility.


Grunt® Pest Management's  termite management program detects and eliminates the source of infestation then helps prevent future termite attacks.


*Service approach may vary based on the needs and conditions of your facility and local regulations.


Grunt Pest Management will provide a Wood Destroying Insect Report (WDIR) after we have treated your facility for termites at your request. 


We will provide termite control for all types of structures including residential.

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